by Dr. Helen Caldicott

Dear Friend,

I have just written a new book called THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER, GEORGE BUSH'S MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, which is to be published both in the US and Canada (by The New Press) in early April, and in Australia and New Zealand (by Scribe Publishing) on May 16th 2002.

I believe THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER could not be more timely for, as we have seen in the last two weeks, the Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review calls for the use of nuclear weapons on non-nuclear nations - if they deem it necessary - for the first time in history. Never in the almost three decades that I have been campaigning against the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear power have I felt that the world is in so much danger. We simply must have an informed debate - around the world - on this issue and it is my hope that THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER will both inform and inspire people of conscience to enter that debate.

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The New Nuclear Danger:
George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex
By Dr. Helen Caldicott

A timely warning, at a critical moment in world history, of the horrible consequences of nuclear warfare.
- Walter Cronkite

Dr. Helen Caldicott has the rare ability to combine science with passion, logic with love, and urgency with humour...At the dark dawn of another war without end, it is once again time to listen up as she sounds the global alarm.
- Naomi Klein

Moments after the September 11 attacks, the U.S. Department of Defense was dangerously close to a nuclear launch. With the majority of the American
public left in the dark, the Defense Department went on defcon 2, its second-highest state of alert, ready to launch thousands of weapons with only three minutes decision time. Though the end of the Cold War was supposed to bring the threat of nuclear war to a close, Nobel Prize nominee Helen Caldicott shows that instead, the threat has reappeared in a different form. Her startling book THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER: George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex, reveals how arms dealers like Lockheed Martin have been able to advance their trade by manipulating and accelerating America s military to its present crisis.

In her strikingly timely argument, Caldicott reminds us that the events of September 11 have changed the face of the nuclear age by bringing previously unimagined players into the equation. In a climate where international relations are shifting unpredictably, the Pentagon s Nuclear Posture Review, released in January 2002, recommended slashing the American nuclear arsenal from 7,000 weapons to less than 2,000 in concert with similar cuts to the Russian nuclear arsenal. However, the Policy Review recommended that the weapons be stored instead of destroyed, leaving them ready for reactivation on short notice.

THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER, with its insider's view of America's military-industrial complex, reveals why the Pentagon continues to resist any real reduction in the American nuclear arsenal. Caldicott outlines the indebtedness of the Bush administration to the arms industry, and arms manufacturers exploitation of Americans fear of terrorism to fuel increased spending, evidenced by Congress s $300 million dollar increase in funding for nuclear weapons. In no uncertain terms, Caldicott reveals how the collusion of government with the nuclear weapons industry, compounded by rivalry within the Pentagon for the nuclear dollar and its unchecked penchant for nuclear science, have created a hidden complex that threatens the well-being of everyone on the planet.

Caldicott, who has been lauded as one of the most influential women of the twentieth century by the Smithsonian Institute, has inspired a generation of activists with landmark works such as Nuclear Madness and Missile Envy. THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER serves to educate a new generation on the dangers of the nuclear age with its startling look at the frightful imminence of nuclear war in our volatile times.

About the Author:
The world s leading spokesperson for the anti-nuclear movement, Dr. Helen Caldicott is the founder of the Nobel Prize winning Physicians for Social Responsibility, and herself a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. Both the Smithsonian Institute and Ladies Home Journal named her one of the most Influential Women of the Twentieth Century, and she has honorary degrees from nineteen universities. She divides her time between Australia and the United States, where she has devoted the last thirty years to an international campaign to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age.



THE NEW NUCLEAR DANGER: George Bush's Military-Industrial Complex
By Helen Caldicott
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