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Peace No War (outdated but i like it!)

Earth Spirit and Action
The Deep Ecology Movement as Spiritual Engagement
The Trumpeter Volume 22, Number 2 (2006)

Nature as Faith May 2005 Friends of the Earth Chain Reaction

Earth, Spirit, Action: Deep Ecology & Spiritual Engagement April, 2005 presented at Griffith University, Brisbane

Deep Ecology Rituals for a New Century - February 15, 2005
presented at Two Fires Conference, Braidwood, NSW

Biodiversity: A Deep Ecology Perspective
November 15, 2004 - first printed in Biodiversity 5:4

Interview with Ruth Rosenhek on "Hunting as Sport" to be published in Colour means blood: Horn by Zenon Kruczynski

The Complete Revolution - An Ecofeminist Perspective - July, 2004, presented at NOWSA Conference, Lismore, NSW

From Fear to Freedom - April, 2004
Spanish version
presentedat Schumacher College, UK

ABC Radio National Interview for Bush Telegraph - June, 2003

Compassionate Action: Have a Heart - June 2003

May Peace Be With You - April 2003

Resources for Personal Planetary Practices - October 2002 by Allan Hunt Badiner, John Seed, Ruth Rosenhek

Ruth's Story  - 1998

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Experiencing the Epic (PDF version)
Experiencing the Dark
Floods and Dams
Reclaiming Our Ancestral Heritage
Earthy Creativity
Council of All Beings for Youth - An Account
Cosmic Resource Kit
Deep Ecology Organizational Consulting
Good News, Bad News...Which is it?