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Penan children in Sarawak

State of the Planet - Current info (9/00) on species extinction

The World's Forests -- What's Left 1998
"The Last Frontier Forests", a 40-page 1997 report by the New York-based NGO, the World Resources Institute (WRI), found that "almost half the Earth's original forest cover is gone, much of it destroyed within the past three decades". Highlighted here are some of the main points in the report.

Rainforests of the World

The Causes of Rainforest Destruction

Solutions to Rainforest Destruction

Papua New Guinea: A Country Profile

Indigenous Peoples of the Rainforest

Deforestation rates

Brazilís Landless Peasants Movement

Skewed land distribution is one of the main underlying causes of rainforest destruction, and the land reform movement Sem Terra has been described by Noam Chomsky as the most important social movement in the world.

Max-Neef on Human Needs and Human-scale Development

Conventional western ideas of development and progress are seen by many as a root cause of rainforest destruction. Max-Neef's ideas on human needs and Human-scale Development offer an alternative



Maps & Country Info

Papua New Guinea

Source: World Guide 1997/98 courtesy of New Internationalist