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Amazon Interactive   -  Fun games and interactive site about Ecuadorian rainforest. Good for adults too. Try running a community-based ecotourism project or try your hand at farming.

Animals of the Rainforest   developed by Midlakes Middle School. Brief introduction on rainforests and current threats as well as great information on rainforest animals grouped in classes such as amphibians, birds, fish,insects, mammals and reptiles. Good links to other animal pages and great pictures.

Deep Jungle - 50 fun ways children can help the environment

Facing the Future - People and the Planet - creative activities, lesson plans, collaborative projects plus a comprehensive guide to population issues, with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of problems, and just, sustainable solutions.

Global Response organizes international letter writing campaigns to help communities prevent many kinds of environmental destruction .

Good Green Fun   -  Samples and promotion for rainforest ecology children's music CD or cassette produced by Dharmika Henshal. Links to environmental education, science curriculum resources and other rainforest education products.

Greenkeepers, Las Vegas Follow Kukura the guardian of the rainforest as he explores the rainforest to find out how important they are for a healthy  planet. Includes forest preservation, alliances, chat room and donor program.

Help Save the Rainforests links to lots of great forest sites for kids.

Jungle Photos - education, conservation, inspiration from the Amazon. great photos. good for school projects.

- Earth section of comprehensive youth directory

Kids for Forests

Live From the Rainforest - Interactive site for children and parents about rainforests including a discussion page for educators and sample curriculums. 

Living Earth Rainforest Database - Links to loads of information about rainforests including: Different Rainforests & Where They Grow, Diversity of Plants & Animals, The Canopy, Plant Reproduction, Plants & Herbivores, Nutrient Cycling in Rainforest, Regeneration & Productivity, Indigenous Peoples Latin America/Asia/Africa and Other Forest Dwellers.

Pawtucket School Department site provides heaps of information on rainforests, plants, animals, maps etc. Good for project information and links.

Rainforest Action Network   -  Excellent user friendly information about rainforests of the world, why the rainforests are disappearing, why it's hard to save them and what we can do to help.

The Rainforest Alliance site includes lessons, presentations, stories, articles, species profiles and more for kindergarten through eighth grade teachers. Kids corner is a good starting point to find resources on rainforest stories, activities, colouring books.

Rainforest Information Centre Education Centre - Good background information on rainforests of the world including solutions and causes of destruction plus maps and country information.

Rainforest Concern has a great "e-flet" education package we have created. The resource is an interactive Flash movie lesson plan for teachers / children aged 7 - 11 years. The e-flet consists of information on-screen with entertaining tests to check learning, plus more comprehensive notes which can be printed off in colour.

The Rainforest Place basic info about rainforests

Save the Rainforest - Conducts rainforest tours/courses for teachers and students. Rainforest curriculums, videos and posters, and school conservation projects in the tropics.

Sites Alive   -  Reports on students conducting semester long field trips to different parts of the world. For example 31 students and 4 teachers report on a 13 week field semester in the waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Contents include: Rainforest Live Australia, Class Afloat Live aboard the Concordia, Wetlands & Fisheries Live Mexico.

SOLARCH an environmental organisation within the Faculty of the Built Environment, at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia). high school eduation program, comprehensive range of free services (such as school visits, teaching materials, website etc) and over $20,000 worth of prizes through the annual AGL Sustainable Living Competition.

Solutions Site by "Horizons" Case studies for kids  in the categories "Environment", "Population", "Development" and "Health". Activities, contests, chat room and projects.

The Rainforest Workshop developed by Virginia Reid and the students at Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Olympia, Washington. Good project information on animals, plants and people of tropical and temperate rainforests. Complete with lesson plans for teachers and links to lots of fun activities,teaching locations, plantlife, etc.

United States Environmental Protection Agency Students Centre   -  Environmental activities, projects, careers and the legal side of rainforest issues. Contents include: Conservation, Ecosystems, Water, Human Health, Waste & Recycling, Air, Careers, Internships & Scholarships, Environmental Youth Awards, Environmental Club Projects and EPA Publications.

The Vanishing Rainforest - A fourth grade project by Highland Park Elementary School, Washington. Rainforest education and how to prevent the loss of the world's rainforests. Contents include: maps, wildlife, plants, cultures, environment, poetry, art, resources.